Natalie Mars And Riley Reyes Hog Wild

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Natalie Mars
Riley Reyes
Hardcore Pornstars Shemale and Female Shemale Domination

Dressed in daisy-dukes, a gingham crop-top, and cowboy boots, country-cutie Natalie Mars works on a tractor part in her barn. Meanwhile, outside of the barn, Riley Reyes car runs out of gas. Riley walks into the barn with gas-can in hand, wearing only a short slip dress and asks Natalie if she has any fuel. Natalie looks her up and down and tells her that she may have some lying around. All of a sudden Natalie grabs Rileys arms and lifts them up above her head, attaching them to a suspension ring hanging down from the barns ceiling. Now caught in her trap, Natalie tells Riley she wont need to worry about her car anymore because shes going to turn her into her little piggy play-pet. Natalie starts by cutting Rileys dress and panties off, leaving her completely naked. She puts pig-ears on Rileys head and uses nostril hooks to lift and stretch Rileys nose up into a little piggy nose. Natalie gropes her tits, pinches her nipples, and plays with Rileys wet pussy. She turns Riley around and spanks her perfect ass just before putting a curly pink pigtail butt-plug up Rileys piggy hole. Next, Natalie puts Riley in a small metal cage and drops her daisy-dukes, revealing her rock-

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