Caged Heat Maya Kendrick Turns The Tables On Her Boss Lianna

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Lianna Lawson
Maya Kendrick
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Maya Kendrick loves stories. Thats why shes taken a publishing job with the demanding and cold Ms. Lianna Lawson. Ms. Lawson is never happy with Maya and cant even remember her name. When Lianna demands Maya stay late at work reading a borderline pornographic and bondage themed manuscript, Maya cant help but draw comparisons to her relationship with her boss. Exhausted after a busy day of keeping Ms. Lawson happy, Maya falls asleep at work and wakes up tied to a bed, clad in latex, with her hot boss flogging her! Maya never imagined a flogger would feel so nice, but each hit with the flogger makes her pussy wetter and wetter. Soon, Ms. Lawson is spreading her ass to get a good look and taste of her pretty pussy. Maya moans as Ms. Lawson fingers her hungry cunt. She cums hard as her boss plays with her pussy and is soon put to work! Maya worships Liannas latex skirt and her perfect ass. Lianna moans as Mayas eager tongue laps at her asshole, and soon spins around to let Maya suck her cock. Maya devours her boss hard cock, sucking it until Lianna decides to fuck her. Maya moans as Ms. Lawsons cock pushes into her tight cunt. She gets pounded by her boss and screams in delight

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