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Casey Kisses
Maya Kendrick
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Maya Kendrick is rushing to make sure her apartment looks perfect for potential subletter Casey Kisses. She cleans the kitchen, hops in the shower, and washes her body just in time to greet Casey at the door. Casey isnt too sure what to make of Maya but she seems nice enough. Maya shows Casey the kitchen and then leads her into her bedroom that she forgot to clean! Maya is mortified that Casey is seeing her sex toys strewn about the bed and apologizes profusely, but Casey doesnt seem to mind. She asks Maya about the nipple clamps and Maya agrees to show her how they work. Sparks fly as Casey places them on Mayas sensitive nipples and leans in for a kiss. Casey undresses, revealing her perfect body, and Maya gets on her knees to worship Caseys gorgeous cock. Casey moans as the warmth of Mayas wet mouth engulfs her dick. She picks up a crop laying on the bed and spanks Mayas ass with it. Maya yelps around Caseys dick and moans as Casey continues smacking her cute little ass. Then Maya lays back and Casey worships her cunt. Maya moans as Casey toys with her clit and soon Maya begs for Caseys cock. Casey laughs, slipping her cock into Mayas tight cunt. Maya moans as her potent

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