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Right off the bat. Im going to tell you one thing right up. It is very possible that I am falling in love. Even with her trunk down below, almost emasculating me. Until I was hard myself, that is. Not that this is a sword fight, or anything. After taking Jam back to my hotel room, we warmed up with the camera and she started to undress before the action got HARD. Pullin down her panties, I was presented with exactly what you expect and hear about in Thailand. A hung Asian ladyboy lover that is rock hard and ready to fuck on our first date. Of course, I had to try.After seeing who was bigger and deeper, she shoved my cock down her throat and proved to be more than capable of not only sporting thick meat, but also swallowing thick meat. As romantic, shy and sweet as Jam is this naughty Thai trans bitch rodeo-fucked me in every sense of the word! I think she even surprised herself, despite admitting to me that she really loves sex, sucking dick and drinking sperm. Shes not lying. Finishing off, I pour my cum onto Jams face and she jerks herself to nice large cumshots reaching her big round tits.

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