Take A Ride On The Trans Train 03 - Angelina Please, Eva Max

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Angelina Please
Eva Maxim
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One morning, Spencer Bradley finds herself laying in a strange bed. Eva Maxim comes in and greets her, explaining that she was brought over the night before since Spencer was in no shape to go home on her own after leaving the club. Spencer casually inquires as to whether she and Eva hooked up, but Eva assures her they didnt. They then both decide to go see how Angelina Please is doing in her room. Angelina is glad to see that Spencer is feeling better, but notices that Spencer is feeling a bit down. Apparently, Spencer thought she was on track to get in bed with Eva and Angelina last night, but thinks she ruined her chances. Angelina and Eva chuckle and assure her that she hasnt missed her chance at all. In fact, they insist that morning sex is the BEST kind of sex. Spencer is happy to hear this and climbs into bed with Angelina and Eva. The three of them start making out, stripping off their clothes so that they can suck on each others tits. Angelina and Eva pull down their panties, revealing their hard cocks to Spencer, who is eager to put them in her mouth. These three friends dive headfirst into a sexy threesome, connecting in ways theyve only ever fantasized about. They m

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