Book Lovers, Scene 01

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Ariel Demure
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Ariel Demure is exploring the library stacks, looking at the books arranged on a bookshelf to find ones shes interested in. Unbeknownst to her, another booklover, Erin Everheart, is on the other side of that very same bookshelf, browsing the books on her side of the shelf. Eventually, Ariel removes a book from the shelf, while Erin simultaneously removes a book directly across from it. Through the resulting gap on the shelf, both womens eyes meet for the first time, and a spark of interest forms.Ariel and Erin immediately begin to bond over their common interest, whispering to each other they usually never see anybody else in this section of the library. One of them remarks that its nice to meet someone else who likes steamy romance novels written by lesbian authors, instead of dismissing those books as too cheesy or too smutty... Maybe its FATE that theyre meeting right now.Erin asks Ariel what book she has, and Ariel responds that its The Sheikhs Harem. Erin says she was looking for that book too, but Ariel can take it since she found it first. However, Ariel suggests that they can share. Ariel then makes her way to Erins side of the bookshelf, and when the two women fi

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