Trans DPs! Yes, Please! - Rebel Rhyder, Jade Venus Izzy Wild

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Izzy Wilde
Jade Venus
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Jade Venus and Izzy Wilde are enjoying themselves at a nice resort, relaxing outside in their bikinis. They see another bikiniclad beauty, Rebel Rhyder, and recognize her as a newlywed they met last night. Jade and Izzy ask Rebel where her husband is, and Rebel admits they had an argument, so her husband left for home already... even though this resort trip is supposed to be their honeymoon.Jade asks what happened, and Rebel explains that while having sex with her husband, she stuck a vibrator in her ass, and her husband got upset that she still needed a vibrator while he was fucking her. Rebel says that she suggested inviting someone else to join them so she could have two cocks in her instead of having to use a vibrator, but that just made her husband MORE upset, so he left.Izzy and Jade are sympathetic, and take out their pretty cocks as they offer to cheer her up. Its clear that Jade and Izzy dont mind sharing, as Jade says that they would love to give Rebel the DP of her dreams. Rebel happily agrees, so Jade and Izzy take her back to their room. Jade licks Rebels breasts, while Rebel sucks on Izzys cock. As the fun continues, things really start to heat up, including Jade

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